Mapa polozaja romskih naselja


The job of “pedagogical assistant” has been defined (through a job description, professional qualifications and work experience required for performing the work of pedagogical assistant) in the Regulation on the catalogue of jobs in public services and other organizations in the public sector (“Off. Gazette of RS”, No. 81/2017,6 of 23/01/2018 and 43 of 6/06/2018). Fixed-term employment for a pedagogical assistant is established by an institution based on a call, in accordance with the Law and with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development. A total of 261 pedagogical assistants have been hired in primary schools and preschool institutions during the 2018/19 school year.

A pedagogical assistant performs the following duties:

  • Provides support to Roma children and students that need additional support in education;
  • Continuously cooperates with parents, and/or other legal representatives to empower the family and improve the social and emotional status of children and students in the institution;
  • Together with the institution's bodies - principal and teams, professional associates and other staff, implements intersectoral cooperation with local self-government unit bodies, competent institutions, services, organizations and associations;
  • Provides assistance and support to teachers and professional associates in classroom and extracurricular educational processes with the aim of improving their work with Roma children and students that need additional educational support.